Ethnic Studies at Harvard

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Over the past 47 years, Harvard students have submitted 11 proposals for ethnic studies. Today, neither a concentration nor a department for ethnic studies exists at Harvard. We, the Harvard Ethnic Studies Coalition, hope to lead the final charge.

We believe that now is the time to act—for Harvard University to be at the forefront of teaching, learning, and research in an academic field that seeks to examine some of the most fundamental and critical questions of our time.

In the charged political climate today and complex social landscapes in the U.S., Ethnic Studies is becoming an ever more important discipline through which we can parse and act upon the institutionalized inequalities we see around us. Meaningful dialogue and discussion of race and ethnicity are essential to understanding their natural multidisciplinarity.

Questions of race and ethnicity are powerful and relevant, intertwined with our daily lives, communities, and societies. The growing student demand for Ethnic Studies speaks for itself:

Harvard needs Ethnic Studies.